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The Blog That Almost Wasn’t

April 9, 2010

Everybody has a blog.

Many of these blogs are nothing more than opinionated ramblings.

And generally, the more the blogs have to do with entertainment (e.g. music, film, art, literature, etc.) the more opinionated the ramblings become. Then again, how can one expect objectivity when dealing with something as subjective as the arts?

This is why I didn’t really want to start a blog. Sure, I have opinions, especially on music, the central focus of my professional existence. But who the hell wants to hear them? The internet is inundated with a seemingly endless amount of rhetoric, criticisms and mouse-pad professionals who think they know it all. Why toss pennies into a well already lined with pence? While we’re at it, let’s shine a flashlight on the sun.

As such, I’ve decided to start a blog anyway, and that the goal of said blog is to be both entertaining AND informative; I intend to make it obvious when I am making an objective observation of something in the realm of music and entertainment, and when I am offering up my subjective opinion.

I am not here to be snarky or to ape popular rhetoric. I have experienced the entertainment industry from both the fan perspective and the business perspective, and I know what’s what. Lastly, I am not here to be everything to every music lover. I am not the final word or a one-stop shop of anything and everything. I’m just a really fucking smart guy with a unique perspective, and I will bring you plenty of interesting content involving many fascinating musicians, artists and music professionals, and I will present it to you in the aforementioned “entertaining and informative” manner. Plus, being that it’s MY blog, I anticipate there will be entries that are pretty much just my perspective on an issue or principle relating to music or entertainment. It’s up to you if you like it or not. I know, isn’t freedom neat?

“Well, with that attitude, why would you even start a blog?”

Because, apparently, people enjoy my writing. After all, I get paid for it. In fact many of my friends and colleagues continue to pressure me to write, as apparently, my way with words is somewhat amusing. But – most imporantly – apparently, the very act of me having a blog somehow establishes “writing credibility” in this modern world of web fever. Forget the fact that I was an Editor-In-Chief of a hot regional publication for six years, or my many freelance contributions to publications such as Music Connection or Culture... it’s the blog that makes me credible, modern, and qualified as a writer. None of that actual past experience stuff with the antiquated print medium. Sheesh.

So, go on and behold; I am a credible writer now. Pretty neat, huh?

Yes. Yes it is.