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So That’s Why He’s Been Taking Longer Showers! (Vagina Vase)

May 29, 2010

I know this doesn’t really fit the theme of my previous blog entries, but the plain truth of the matter is, this is my blog and I feel like posting this because I crack up every time I see it.

While visiting a friend, I went to use the restroom. There, with the shower curtain open and in plain view, was a prosthetic vagina. The official name of the product is Fleshlight. It’s shaped like a flashlight with a prosthetic female orifice where the light should be. I’m certain you can guess what the function of this device is. I took a picture with my camera phone.

I then went outside, visiting both the back and front yard of my friend’s house, and picked a bouquet of flowers. I made sure to pick them in such a way that the stems would all be of equal or similar length. I bound the stems together in a wet paper towel to form a phallus. I then returned to the bathroom, and, in attempt to spare my friend from further embarrassment, disguised his Fleshlight as a vase.

Actually, the truth is I thought it would be really fucking hilarious to do this. And wouldn’t you’ know it, I was right.

I took another picture with my camera phone.

Of this incident, my friend’s room mate commented, “so that’s why he’s been taking longer showers.”